About us

TMP Parbuono is a company specialized in the field of liquid and solid food transport, with special containers. We take care of water supply for swimming pools and farms, such as refueling farms for food use. With the use of cisterns, we carry out the work of handling wines for private cellars and we transport grapes for farms and wineries. TMP Parbuono is also able to perform professional pruning, thanks to specific means for pruning and killing tall trees. Thanks to Autogru, there are movements for building use, both waste disposal and handling with mobile cranes for the construction sector, in addition to the disposal of pruning mowing thanks to specific authorizations. The TMP Parbuono company also has a professional excavator for cleaning shrubs, uncultivated land, farmhouses, olive groves, etc. and maintenance of both private and public green areas.  For communications, inspections and estimates, contact us at the numbers: 347.3301008 Maurizio – or at: 347.3702780 Matteo

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